Violence Prevention Student Coalition

Violence Prevention Student Coalition


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What is the Violence Prevention Student Coalition?

The purpose of this student coalition is to discuss the interest and goals of student body as they pertain to issues surrounding violence as a whole and specifically interpersonal violence (domestic, sexual, etc). We want to create a space where organizations and students can come together to collaborate, support and discuss these topics at large, and work together to help foster a community free of violence.

Who can join?

Anyone who is in an organization that directly works around the issues of ending violence, gender issues, gender equality, multicultural groups, faith communities, etc. Any group that directly or indirectly works on these issues are welcomed along with students who may not be in an organization. You must be a Rutgers-New Brunswick student. We ask that organizations only send 1-3 representatives per meeting.

When are meetings?

Meetings will generally be the second or third Friday each month at 1pm. Meeting locations will always be on College Ave.

How can I join?

Please email Will Pauwels, or Siobhan McLoughlin, if you or your organization would like to join or if you have any questions