How can I join SCREAM?

Please reach out to Jonel Vilches,, if you are interested in joining SCREAM theater. 

Do I need any training to perform?

Everyone within SCREAM is expected to have a basic understanding around the issues of interpersonal violence. We offer trainings throughout the year that SCREAM members participate in, which helps in the development of not only their roles on stage, but in the development of students as they navigate Rutgers. 

What if I don’t want to act or don’t have acting experience?

You do not need to have acting experience to join SCREAM Theater! None of us are professional actors and some of the people involved have never had acting experience previous to SCREAM. You will never be forced to perform or to play any role that is not comfortable for you. We will provide you with any training needed specific to the role(s) you choose so as to portray characters accurately and successfully.

Can graduate students join?

Yes! All students are welcomed!