Types of Stalking

The two types of stalking that are most prevelant on a college campus are:

Simple Obsessional Stalker

  • Victim and stalker have some prior knowledge of one another, such as intimate relationship (e.g., ex-husband/wife, ex-dating partners) or non-intimate relationship (e.g., co-workers, classmates, neighbors, roommates, therapist-patient)
  • Stalker may have some type of Personality disorder
  • Stalker may suffer from low self-esteem and feelings of powerlessness
  • Stalker will control or coerce victim back into relationship or seek revenge for perceived wrong

Domestic Violence Related Stalking

  •  Most common and most dangerous type of stalking
  • Domestic violence victims run a 75% higher risk of be murdered by their partners
  • Highest risk to domestic violence victim is when she leaves her abusive partner; stalking often begins or escalates at this point

(Information adapted from the Stalking Resource Center)