Has your Partner?

Has your partner…

  • hit, slapped, punched, shoved or kicked you?
  • threatened to hurt you or your friends?
  • consistently ridiculed or insulted you?
  • become extremely jealous if you talked to other people or went out without him/her?
  • made you account for time you are away from him/her?
  • forced you to touch him/her or have sex with him/her?
  • accused you of dating other people behind his/her back?
  • threatened to hurt you or him/herself if you break up with them?
  • used being drunk or high as an excuse for his/her violent behavior?
  • blamed you for provoking his/her violent behavior?
  • made you give him/her your email/facebook/IM passwords so they could check up on you?
  • sent you numerous and/or threatening text messages?

Keep in mind, this is not a magazine quiz.  Answering yes to even one of these questions may indicate that you are in an abusive relationship.