How can I Help Create a Community that does not Tolerate Violence?

There are many actions you can take to help create a community that does not tolerate interpersonal violence

  • Convey messages to students, other faculty and staff that interpersonal violence should not be tolerated.
  • Include topics of interpersonal violence and prevention into your curriculum and allow assignments, guest lectures or current events to be discussed in your classes.  For assistance with assignment ideas or for a guest lecturer,
  • Attend, promote and co-sponsor events and programs related to interpersonal violence. For a listing of our upcoming events and other ways to get involved
  • Offer extra credit to students for attending events and programs organized by VPVA.
  • Volunteer to become a Domestic Violence Response Team Member or a Confidential Sexual Violence Advocate. For more information: click here
  • Accommodate victims who are experiencing trauma by offering extensions or other strategies to successfully complete course work.
  • Be supportive to student who disclose victimization to you.