If You Decide to Prosecute

Some information to take into consideration about prosecution:

  • Sexual assault is a crime that is prosecuted by the state. The survivor is assigned an attorney from the Prosecutor’s office in the county where the assault took place. This person is usually part of a special sex crimes unit.
  • Once the police finish their investigation, all evidence is turned over to the Prosecutor’s Office, where it is reviewed. The Sex Crimes Unit of the Prosecutor’s Office will then make decisions regarding the case.
  • The survivor becomes a witness if the case moves forward.
  • The law also limits the admissible evidence concerning the survivor’s prior sexual activity.
  • There are several levels of the prosecution process including issuance of a warrant, arrest, arraignment, grand jury and the trial. Some steps require the survivor’s presence in court. If you have concerns or questions regarding this process, contact VPVA.