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The Office for Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance provides a variety of facilitated workshops for student organizations and groups, residence halls, faculty and staff. The following workshops are currently being offered:

Rolling with Rejection

Rejection is never an easy thing to deal with, especially when it comes from someone we want. We don’t always respond to it well; it seems that for men, our reaction to rejection can take on another level. This workshop will closely address the cognitive and emotional impact of rejection, in men. Participants will explore what rejection does to us and the role that expectations and entitlement plays. Alternative perspectives for coping with rejection and identifying prosocial behaviors will be explored. Rolling with Rejection is a 1 hour program. .

Engaging Allies

Engaging Allies is a 45 minute to 1 hour program that introduces participants to the primary prevention strategy of bystander intervention (BI).  The focus of BI is that every member of our community plays a role in ensuring interpersonal violence and the attitudes and behaviors that cause it, have no place on our campus. Participants will explore safe and effective intervention strategies, address barriers they face and gain a basic understanding of bystander intervention as prevention.


The Escalation Workshop, created by the One Love Foundation, uses events inspired by real life to educate participants about dating violence.  Facilitated by peer trainers, the 90 minute workshop features a 40 minute film followed by a discussion geared towards helping participants understand the warning signs of abuse, while also promoting healthy relationships. 

Challenging & Changing

How do cultural norms, customs, and beliefs impact how we think about, react to and address interpersonal violence? This 45 minute to 1 hour workshop asks the question “do we live in rape culture?” and provides space for participants to explore movies, media, music and customs and how they support myths and misconceptions about interpersonal violence. The workshop will include deconstructing messages and ways to positively change rape culture. 

Building Healthy Relationships

Everyone deserves to have happy and healthy intimate relationships; but not every relationship is one. In this 45 minute workshop, participants will discuss the components to heathy relationships.  It will include exercises to help participants think about their own communication style and also explore the dynamics that cause violence in intimate relationships.

Sexy and Mandatory

This 45 minute program will explore the definition of consent and how we give and receive consent in sexual situations. What does consent look and sound like? Participants will explore the components of consent in their own relationships.  This program will also address the dynamics of sexual violence in our community.

Rutgers CARES

77% of Rutgers-New Brunswick students who disclosed they were assaulted since starting at Rutgers, told a friend first. Rutgers CARES stands for “Creating Allies to provide Resources and Empower Survivors.” It is a 75-minute program that will give you information on how trauma survivors can react after an assault as well as give you tools to effectively respond to that friend and seek out the right resources. You will also learn which resources you can access after you’ve interacted with a survivor

Identity and Oppression

This workshop identifies and analyzes how systemic oppression from outside sources has created unhealthy dynamics, cultural norms, and violence from both outside and within marginalized communities. We will share personal experiences and foster unity as a way to change the norm for the future and break the generational pattern, while simultaneously empowering our communities to persist amidst systemic oppression. This workshop is specifically intended for communities of color, LGBTQ+ students, those from intersecting identities, and folks from historically marginalized communities.

Additionally, SCREAM Theater and SCREAM Athletes are available for programming on campus or outside of Rutgers University for middle and high schools, colleges and universities, community based groups, and more. To request SCREAM theater, please follow this link.

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