Crime Victim Assistance

If you have been the victim of a crime, and are in need of assistance, please call us at 848-932-1181.

If you fear for your safety, please get to a place where you feel safe and secure.

Consider telling someone you trust what has happened to you.

If you are injured or think you may be injured as a result of the crime, please seek immediate medical attention:

It is up to you if you would like to report the crime. Please remember that assistance is available at VPVA regardless of whether or not you decide to report it. Here are the various reporting options available to you:

  • File a report with the Rutgers University Police Department, which will give police information to investigate the crime and take action against the perpetrator. If it is a non-violent crime, such as wallet theft, this information will allow authorities to return the stolen property to you if it is recovered.
  • File a complaint through the University Code of Conduct. This is an option if the crime involved another student. Follow this link for the website where you can file a complaint.
  • Contact the Dean of Students for your campus, the Office of Student Conduct, or VPVA
  • File Criminal Charges. This can be done if it was a violent crime and can be filed through the Rutgers University Police Department or through the municipality where the crime occurred. For certain crimes, police may contact the county prosecutor’s office to work together to investigate and prosecute the perpetrator.

For additional information on crime victim assistance or to find out what to do if your Rutgers ID or Residence Hall key was stolen please click here.