Empty Chair

The Empty Chair campaign is a week-long event held every spring here at Rutgers New Brunswick. The campaign raises awareness and seeks to prevent incidents of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and other forms of interpersonal violence on campus. During the week purple folding chairs will be assembled in different spots around all the New Brunswick campuses, each containing a sheet with several fictional accounts from victims of these forms of violence under the banner “Why I’m Not on Campus Today” as well as brochures in order to highlight the fact that this sort of violence impacts many facets of a person’s like and can impede their participation in various activities.

The Empty Chair Campaign will always take place in second week of March from March 7th-11th and will include empty chairs being placed around campus as well as tabling with more information. If you would like to bring an empty chair to one of your classes and share the story as well as the services our office provides with your class, please contact us for more information.


There are several ways to be involved, so if you would like more information about this please contact VPVA at 848-932-1181.