Thank you to everyone who joined us for our 24 Hour Truce in November 2014. We had 24 hours of programming that enabled us to come together as a community and take a stand against violence.

The 24 hour truce was a large on campus event designed to bring together members of the University (and broader) Community to end sexual and domestic violence. Inspired by a speech written by feminist author and activist, Andrea Dworkin in which, she states:

“and I want one day or respite, one day off, one day in which no new bodies are piled up, one day in which no new agony is added to the old, and I am asking you to give it to me… I want a 24 hour truce during which there is no rape” (Dworkin, 1984)

The 24 hours were filled with workshops and activities to educate, support survivors and encourage all members of the community to get involved in ending sexual and domestic violence.

The event was being co-sponsored by over 15 campus offices, community partners and student organizations proving that we all need to work together end abuse in our community. We truly appreciate their collaboration!

For photos from the event please check out our Facebook album here
Check back soon for a video about the event!

It’s time to STAND UP and SPEAK OUT.

Image:Truce Flyer