Thank you for your interest in attending our vigil. The vigil will be held Friday, October 16th at 5pm on Zoom. The intended purpose of this vigil is to honor those who have experienced domestic violence and to create a safe space to do so. If attending we ask that you read to these community guidelines:

Community Guidelines:

  1. Be respectful and kind to others.
  2. Be mindful of words and actions.
  3. Upon entering cameras will automatically be shut off and participates will be muted. Please feel free to turn on your camera if you would like to. We will not ask you to turn on your camera.
  4. If you would like to be anonymous when in the Candlelight Vigil you may change your name before entering into the space or after entering the space.
  5. If at any time you would like to speak with a trained advocate, please message an advocate directly using the private chat feature. Advocates will be identified by having ‘VPVA Advocate’ in their name. You can also call VPVA’s 24/7 hotline at 848-932-1811.
  6. This is a communal space where people can share openly, if they choose to do so. If anyone mentions a plan to harm self or others, you’ll be contacted by staff for support and further assessment.
  7. If anyone becomes disruptive, they will receive a warning from the host. If the disruptive behavior persists, the host reserves the right to remove that participant for the safety of the group. Disruptive behavior, as defined by the Code of Student Conduct, is intentionally or recklessly interfering with any University activity or University sponsored activity. Disorderly conduct, as defined by the Code of Student Conduct, is engaging in conduct that is disruptive, lewd, or indecent, regardless of intent, which breaches the peace of the community. Please note that being disruptive is not the same as expressing anger, which is welcomed.
  8. There will be a healing space available after the event.


To register for vigil please click here (zoom links will send a couple hours before vigil)