SCREAM AthletesTM is based on the SCREAM TheaterTM model but performs specifically for members of the athletic community. SCREAM Athletes uses student athletes as peer educators to explore attitudes, beliefs, community standards, and aspects of the athletic culture that support the occurrence of interpersonal violence, as well as the strengths of the community that can be used to create social change. As athletes, the peer educators understand the pressures, relationships, and stresses that other student-athletes experience. They are also able to identify and emphasize the leadership role that athletes can assume on these issues.

The program is a collaborative effort with the Rutgers Intercollegiate Athletic Department. SCREAM AthletesTM performs for all first, second, and third-year student-athletes at Rutgers, for University coaches, for student-athletes at colleges and high schools locally and nationwide, and at conferences.

To learn more about SCREAM Athletes and our new video Taking the Lead: SCREAM AthletesTM Step Up to Prevent Sexual Violence check out this article written in the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics here.

For more information on scheduling a SCREAM AthletesTM performance, please contact Erin Snyder, Manager of Grants and Prevention Initiatives, at 848-932-1181 or