SCREAM TheaterTM is an interactive, educational theater experience. Participants are encouraged to learn about issues of interpersonal violence by interacting with peer educators and are provided with opportunities to become engaged in their own learning. SCREAM TheaterTM actors are Rutgers students who develop improvisational “scripts” that utilize the words, thoughts, ideas and behaviors of the audience they are addressing. SCREAM TheaterTM will incorporate unique aspects of your community to make the performance relevant to the audience.

The format for a SCREAM TheaterTM performance is simple and effective:

  • The program facilitator introduces the SCREAM TheaterTM and the topic to begin the presentation
  • Student actors present a 15-30 minute skit on the issue (length of the skit varies based on the topic). The goal of the skit is to present a realistic portrayal of how an issue of interpersonal violence may occur within a setting familiar to the audience. The skits show the audience situations that usually happen behind closed doors, and set the foundation for discussion.
  • Next is the ‘in-character’ question/answer session that allows the facilitator and the audience members to ask questions of the characters. The goal of this is for audience members to challenge the characters on unacceptable behaviors, and in doing so, teach each other what behaviors and attitudes are appropriate. Through questioning the characters’ values and beliefs, audience members may question their own value and belief systems. The hope is that insight and a willingness to change will come through this values-exploration process.
  • Followed by ‘out-of-character’ discussion, during which the student actors come out of character and introduce themselves to the audience. Members discuss the purpose of their character and the message that they were meant to convey. They may also discuss how they developed their character and why they joined the program.
  • Finished with a wrap-up by the facilitator that includes local resource information and an emphasis on bystander intervention.

For more information on scheduling a SCREAM performance, please contact Erin Snyder, Manager of Grants and Prevention Initiatives, at 848-932-1181 or