*****SCREAM TheaterTM was mentioned in the White House Task Force Report on campus sexual assault entitled “Not alone.” Click here for the Bystander-Focused Prevention of Sexual Violence document where you will find SCREAM TheaterTM on the third page!*****

SCREAM (Students Challenging Realities and Educating Against Myths) TheaterTM and SCREAM AthletesTM are peer educational, interactive theater programs that provide information about  interpersonal violence including sexual assault, dating violence, same-sex violence, stalking, bullying, and peer harassment.

Created and performed by undergraduate students from Rutgers University, the skits are developed for specific communities such as high school students, college students, community groups, social service agencies, and law enforcement. SCREAM Theater performs nationwide.

SCREAM Theater is guided by its commitment to help create communities that do not tolerate violence. Through post-performance discussion with the audience, SCREAM works to dispel certain myths about interpersonal violence. A by-product of SCREAM’s efforts is the formation of a group of informed and committed peer educators who then serve as leaders on these issues within their families, circles of friends, and in their future workplaces.

SCREAM TheaterTM has been the subject of evidence based reserach as well as written about in national journals. For links to these articles click here