MOVE (Men against Oppression and Violence)

Thank you for your interested in joining Men against Oppression and Violence (MOVE)!


MOVE is a new student-led group with the intended purpose to engage individuals from all communities especially those who identify with masculinities in any wat to be active leaders within the work of preventing violence. ANYONE can join!


We are hoping to get started this FALL 2021!


MOVE will focus on three topic areas (3 Ms):

1. Mentoring and Leadership

2. Masculinities

3. Mental Health and Support
Board Positions available:
Meeting Coordinator:
The Meeting Coordinator will work to structure both e-board and general meetings. Roles may include:
– Organizing agenda for eboard meetings
– Coordinating general member meetings by organizing who will be facilitating, what topic, and agenda for general meetings
– Helping to organize a weekend-leadership training for members
– Creating incentives for members
Marketing and Media Coordinator (s):
Role may include:
– Creating social media graphics and media
– Recruiting new members into MOVE utilizing digital content, organizing opportunities to advertise, etc.
– Creating promotional materials for programs, events, workshops
Event Coordinator:
Role may include:
– Help assist, create, and/or lead event(s) or program(s) by delegating work
– Engage co-sponsors on events and programs
If interested in joining as a board member or general member please fill out this INTEREST FORM: 
***Any questions please reach out to Will at***