When considering bringing university charges, consider the following information:

  • Under the University Code of Conduct, sexual assault is a separable offense and if found responsible, the respondent may be expelled or suspended from the university.
  • A range of other penalties may be chosen by the Judicial Board that hears the complaint.
  • The standard of proof is different than for criminal charges, which must have belief beyond a reasonable doubt. In university cases, there must be clear and convincing evidence that the accused individual did violate the regulation. The university guarantees that in cases involving allegations of sexual assault, the Hearing Officer will ensure that protections afforded under NJ’s “Rape Shield Law” are followed which protect the rights of the survivor.
  • University charges are filed with the Office of Student Conduct. Someone at VPVA can help with this process, act as a complainant for you, or serve as your advisor.
  • Survivors have the option of bringing university and/or criminal charges or neither.
  • For more information on the University Disciplinary Process you can read about it here

For more information, please call the Office for Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance at 848-932-1181.